Windows Vista Black Lite Edition X86 Iso 685 140 BETTER

Windows Vista Black Lite Edition X86 Iso 685 140 BETTER


Windows Vista Black Lite Edition X86 Iso 685 140

Your personal settings, such as the user name, display and sound, are stored in one or more profile files. When you upgrade to Windows 7 or to Windows Vista Business, Ultimate, or Home editions, the.bmp and.dat files with your personal settings are copied to a new name. When you re-install, the copy of the files on the hard disk are cleared. After re-installation, you can use the settings that are stored in the new.bmp and.dat files on the hard disk as you want.

You can use another set of files with a different name than the new profile when you re-install. However, if you delete the old files and then make a new set of files, they will overwrite any new profile files that you made. If you are re-installing the entire Windows operating system, use the automatic backup and restore process to copy your profile files and other personal settings back to the new operating system.

The Computer Action Panel is an easy-to-use interface for Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can control such settings as which programs to start automatically when the computer boots, the screen saver, the screen resolution and more.

This option contains the Windows Operating system Upgrade Discs, which are the media that you will use to upgrade your computer. Your PC must be able to read and write to the discs on your computer. Before you start, make sure that you have selected the correct discs for your computer, and that your computer can boot from them.

Windows Live Meeting allows you to share your desktop, start an online meeting and make video calls using your webcam and microphone. Windows Live Meeting integrates your existing instant messaging and voice communications tools, such as Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Phone, and Skype, with the meeting features of Skype. You can use your existing email and contacts to join online meetings and use the online conferencing features of Microsoft Office Outlook. Windows Live Meeting helps you connect with your contacts through just one application, and you can even invite others to share their desktop from their web browser. This Windows Vista Add-on is available from the Start menu under the Programs Accessories Add-ons category.



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